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QR-code (Barcode) – a type of encoding, analogue of a barcode. True, absolutely everything can be encoded with it and it does not matter where it is depicted. For example, it can be read both from paper and from a conventional monitor or TV. Quick Response is, roughly speaking, the same barcode, only matrix – two-dimensional. It was developed by Denso Wave. Let's figure out what Barcode is for and how to read a QR code on Android – gadgets.

Application of QR codes

The area of ​​application of the matrix code is much higher than that of the barcode. They can designate not only goods, but also sites, paintings and sculptures, entire cities, applications and even your social page. In general, absolutely everything can be marked with such a code. But why is this necessary?

So, let's figure out how to use the QR code on Android. For example, in a store you are interested in some product. You point your tablet with a pre-installed program to the matrix image and see how it starts scanning the image. Next, there will be an automatic transition to the manufacturer's website. You can find out everything about the product: country of origin, positioning in the range, etc.

Application of matrix code

Quick Response encryption has also proven itself well in tourism. Now you don't need a guide. Point the camera at the QR near the piece of art and get comprehensive and reliable information about it.

Matrix designation is widely used in advertising as well. So, reading a review article about a game or product, you can immediately go to the manufacturer's resource to download an application or buy a product.

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What you need to read QR

To decode the QR code to Android, you need to download a simple application. It downloads directly from Google Play and does not load much memory. That is, any device can handle such a program.

Basically, it doesn't matter which program for reading QR codes for Android you have. All of them are the same, the only difference is in the developer. The most popular are QR Droid and ZXing Team, but you can choose any other to decode Quick Response. Just type in the search query 'QR'.

What is needed to decrypt QR

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How to create a QR yourself

It doesn't matter why you need matrix encryption. As mentioned, you can code your account, other contacts, or photos and, for example, print on a business card or make a print on a T-shirt so that anyone can read the data through their device.

If you read the code quickly and easily, then it will take a couple of minutes to create it. A generator is used for this. The easiest way is to use the qrcoder.ru service. There is nothing hard: select 'What you need to encrypt' and follow the instructions step by step.

When the service presents you with a matrix image, you can save it for future use or download a link to it. Now you can read the code with your tablet, share it with your friends and do whatever you want – it's yours forever!

Create QR yourself

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QR code reader for Android: Video

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