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iOS Android Many people using the Android operating system probably at least once wanted to make it look like IOS or even flash the device to this shell. There are several ways to do this. The first one allows you to simply change the appearance of Android, the second one is a full installation IOS. In this article, we will talk in detail about how to make an Iphone out of Android.

Change the appearance of Android

Let's start with the first method. In order to change the appearance Android you need:

  1. Install the bootloader. With it, the design of the shell is completely changed and it becomes similar to IOS.

    ONE + Launcher Downloader ONE + Launcher Downloader
  2. Next, download a utility to your phone or tablet that changes the lock screen. Everyone knows how different it is from the one on Android.

    HI Lockscreen app HI Lockscreen app
    Program iPhone Screen lock Program iPhone Screen lock

    Next, install ControlCenter. This utility changes the algorithm for displaying various settings (volume change, GPS, etc.) and it becomes more convenient to work with them. However, do not forget that the program may not perform all of its functions.

  3. The last thing you can do is install a keyboard like IOS. All this allows you to visually turn Android into IOS. Now let's talk in more detail about the method of flashing.
    Simple iOS Keyboard utility Simple iOS Keyboard utility

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Emulator iOS for the system Android: Video

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How to flash Android to iOS

The option when the firmware is changed is considered more risky, so before flashing Android to IOS, you need to think several times and weigh the pros and cons. If the desire to do this has not disappeared, then a number of such manipulations must be performed:

  1. First of all, do a factory reset. This is done in the parameter change menu in the 'restore and reset' tab.
  2. Next, download and upload the firmware version IOS to the memory card. Each device has its own version of such firmware, so there will not be a link to it here.
  3. A very important point is not to forget to make a backup copy of the current Android shell and learn how to roll back all the changes back.
  4. The next step is to copy all the data from the phone to the memory module, pull it out and mount the memory card with the firmware.
  5. Then, without turning on the device, load the 'Recovery' mode. In different models, it is activated by different key combinations. In this mode, select 'Factory Reset'. Wait until the end of the process and start installing the firmware from the memory card, using the volume rocker as navigation.
  6. The process can take quite a long time. It is also important to remember that the gadget must be connected to a charger. A sudden shutdown due to low battery power turns the device into a 'brick'.
  7. After finishing the installation, you need to do the 'Factory Reset' again. Then, remove the battery and memory card.
  8. The last is to turn on the device. The device can boot for about 20 minutes, however, if during this time nothing happened and the phone or tablet shows no signs of life, even after several reboots, then there is only a direct road to the service center.
Emulator IOS for Android

Emulator IOS for Android

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How to set iOS to Android: Video

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Simple appearance change or re-stitching

From the above, it can be understood that the question – is it possible to reflash Android to IOS, you can answer unequivocally – you can. But this does not always end well. Therefore, before starting the procedure, it is important to think about it and limit yourself to a simple change in appearance, because the resuscitation service in specialized workshops is not cheap.

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How from Android to make iPhone: Video

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