Briefly about early versions of BlueStacks

When in 2012 a completely new emulator Android won the prize for the best product of CES 2012, developers and gamers breathed a sigh of relief. BlueStacks almost immediately took the top spot in the ranking of similar apps and never left it. Since then, the audience of adherents has exceeded 200 million. Let's try to assess how the product has evolved and briefly present all the versions of BlueStacks that preceded the recently released third generation.

Briefly about early versions of BlueStacks

About Bluestacks in general

What makes BlueStacks App Player users happy?

The utility uses the Layer Cake technology, which provides the correct environment for running ARM applications on a computer with OS Windows XP and higher.

The technology makes it easy and simple to run any application Android on a computer.

Gamers can enjoy the benefits of the big screen, while software developers can enjoy more powerful hardware combined with tools Windows. The emulator is adapted to 30 languages, including Russian. Here is just a small overview of BlueStacks in terms of features:

  1. Download from phone to PC and launch applications in full screen mode.
  2. Using nearly two dozen pre-installed and unlimited number of installed programs, including 3D games.
  3. Built-in full featured Google Play.
  4. Launcher change.
  5. Synchronization with Android – a device that allows you to make calls, send SMS, use instant messengers and take photos.
  6. Most of the OS functional settings Android are not truncated.
  7. Install applications from a computer to a gadget with one click.
  8. Root.
  9. Interaction with ADB Run. (except for entering Recovery and Fastboot).
  10. Virtual disks.

The latest version of BlueStacks requires 4GB of RAM and a Google account, although many prefer to additionally have an account for the app.

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First versions of BlueStacks

The beta version was mentioned in the fall of 2011. Even then, the program was able to download from the cloud and launch Android applications in full screen without brakes. The number of built-in (10) and installed applications (no more than 26) was limited. But the main thing is that the emulator could only work on Windows 7. Not all programs were launched, some of them crashed, and the small amount of internal memory of 250 MB (also 250 MB on a USB flash drive) limited the possibilities.

But from day one, the developers have been improving the emulator and optimizing applications for it. And already in March of next year, version 0.9 was released, which made the world look at the new product with different eyes.

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Features of BlueStacks 0.9

It was this version that began to be massively downloaded, and here's why:

  1. The first bugs are gone.
  2. Removed version limitation Windows (XP and higher). It also became possible to use on MacOSX.
  3. The number of built-in applications has increased to 16.
  4. The limit on the number of installed programs has been removed.
  5. The interface now supports more languages.
  6. Now you can play 3D games and synchronize with a real Android device.

But at the same time, the 1 GB of memory declared by the developer was clearly not enough, and games that needed more than one touch continued to hang hopelessly.

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BlueStacks 0.10 Pros

The next release fixed almost all bugs. The emulator received a new interface with a simplified menu and 12 languages, as well as more features Android, including built-in Google Play. The disk capacity has grown to 500 MB.

Finally, the emulator “made friends” with ADB, but it turned from free to “shareware”, which it is to this day. In addition, many reported incorrect work on Windows 10.

The work on the emulator lasted two years, but the size of the installation file even in this version did not exceed 13.9 MB for a long time, which indirectly indicates its imperfection. Only in the fall of 2015 came the release of weighing 261.90 MB, which became a harbinger of a really serious decision embodied in the second iteration of the player.

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BlueStacks 2 Benefits

Now let's give a quick overview of BluesSacks 2, which appeared in late 2015. The program is available on the official website for free and no registration is required. Download speed varies from 7 to 15 minutes depending on the connection. You will need a little less than 2 GB of hard disk space.

The developers managed to raise productivity to unprecedented heights. The necessary multitasking has appeared, making it possible to simultaneously work with two or more applications as with browser tabs.

Multitasking, making it possible to simultaneously work with two or more applications as browser tabs

The utility requires activation through a Google account. You will also need to set up a BlueStacks account and enable app sync. The emulator works with multiple tabs at the same time. Moreover, it flawlessly copes with any heavy applications. All this allows us to call it the best among analogues.

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Evolution of BlueStacks 2 versions

Unfortunately, it is not possible to see how the functionality changed from assembly to assembly, since there is no such statistics on the official website. Only an archive of BlueStacks versions is available for download. But the rate of change can be indirectly estimated from the information in the table below.

Version release date Size (Mb)
BlueStacks 2.0 04.12.2015 284
BlueStacks 2.1 04.03.2016 262.36
BlueStacks 2.2 04/08/2016 297.24
BlueStacks 2.3 09.06.2016 264
BlueStacks 2.4 30.07.2016 306
BlueStacks 2.5 09/22/2016 306.56
BlueStacks 2.6 02/22/2017 319.85
BlueStacks 2.7 04/22/2017 319.85

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Can BlueStacks vs BlueStacks 2 Compare

You don't even have to think about which is better – BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2. By and large, this is one and the same, because both programs use the same technology. But, as already noted, even the weight of these utilities is significantly different. This should be talking about something.

The amount of internal space on the latest assemblies has grown several times – up to 16 GB (plus the same amount on the SD card). BlueStacks 2 is the biggest update with a ton of new features. Multitasking and a user-friendly control panel are the main advantages of the second version, in addition, it adds BlueStacks TV and a chat function.

BlueStacks TV and chat function

Online communication with friends painlessly migrated to Windows. The new version of BlueStacks provided the user with full functionality Android, implemented on a platform with much greater physical capabilities. As a result, an incredible number of games are played here quickly, without jerking or glitches. You can buy goods, order tickets, follow the news and weather – all within one platform. In fact, the application has grown from a simple player, resembling a toy, into a full-fledged cross-platform tool.

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How to determine the version of BlueStacks

Now how to find out the version of BlueStacks that is installed on your PC. If necessary, this can be done in a very simple way:

  1. Open emulator.
  2. Go to the system tray Windows (in the lower right corner of the computer screen).
  3. Move the mouse cursor over the emulator icon and read its version.

Determine the version of BlueStacks

In our case, there is an old version of BlueStack. As you can see, it couldn't be easier.

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